Jekyll & Hyde – By Damien Reid

Building a car that’s perfect for the track, yet still compliant for the road is a black art that few, with the notable exception of the Porsche 911, have mastered. Aston Martin, however, may have also stumbled onto the magic formula with this split personality Vantage V8.

I know the 4.692km Portimao racetrack …

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The Magic of Rarity – Lexus RX

When you come across a rare car, even if it’s just a luxury midsize SUV, it feels special
– By Anand Mohan

A statement like that requires me to set the stage. So here’s an analogy if I may. Do you know the truth about diamonds? The rare stone that …

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The road ends. All I can see are some loosely scattered rocks. I am in a Maserati. Time to head back, you say? Nope. Off-road mode engaged, the big Maserati lifts itself up and simply goes over with utter nonchalance. This is a different kind of Maserati then, and for that alone the Levante is …

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Stylish and Sporty AMG E-63 powered by Sundaram Motors

Day by day, it’s been on our agenda for years: The commitment to always take things a step further and strive for greatness. With the E 63 and E 63 S, we’ve once again lived up to our commitment. In so doing, we follow our own rules. Rules that have been tried and tested in …

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World’s Fastest SUV -By Anand Mohan

We preview the most important fast car to arrive at our shores since the history of fast cars

India doesn’t have a very colourful history of fast cars like the west does. We’ve always been an SUV country, but there are two things that haven’t mixed – a petrol car and …

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Disco In The Dust -By Anand Mohan

If you think you can’t cross continents in a Land Rover Discovery Sport, here’s one way to start.

-By Anand Mohan

When the Land Rover brand came into existence three years after the Second World War, a sturdy go-anywhere vehicle was required in the UK. The first prototype was …

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