As the last warm rays of the summer sun fade away and the monsoon clouds roll in, it is the season of grey days, intermittent rain and endless humidity. Most of us know that it is time to change our skincare regimen during this time of the year, but questions abound on what changes we …

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Women’s Fall / Winter

2019-2020 Collection Karl Lagerfeld’s Swansong

The world of fashion bid goodbye to one of its illustrious luminaries in February, when Karl Lagerfeld passed on. A maverick designer, who was the creative spearhead at Fendi for more than half a century till his death, Karl was instrumental in …

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The Tambour Moon Mystérieuse Flying Tourbillon

Louis Vuitton scales another horological high

This February saw Louis Vuitton launch its most sophisticated timepiece ever – the Tambour Moon Mystérieuse Flying Tourbillon. With this Louis Vuitton has now taken its horological journey a level higher both in terms of watchmaking technology and craftsmanship.

Coming in …

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Prakshi Fine Jewellery

The words economics and jewellery design don’t really sit well together. In fact, they sound almost oxymoronic. The former draws visions of earnest academicians, cold numbers, pie charts and bar graphs; the latter that of glam dolls, bridal fi nery, sparkling bling and all things luxuriously beautiful. Well, let us introduce you to one personality …

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Coach SS18 Q&A with Selena Gomez

On set for the Spring 2018 campaign for Coach, with classic oldies playing in the background, Selena Gomez spoke about her relationship with Creative Director Stuart Vevers and asking for a Coach bag for Christmas.

Selena, how are you?

I’m good; I’m healthy! I’ve been in New York shooting …

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Sound Of Music Wireless & Premium – By Neil Shah

Music is bliss, therapeutic and connects the soul to the brain. Many of us, with our super active, dynamic lifestyle, have found solace in music while on that airplane or backseat to work, or in front of the glorymaking compute machine. In most of these scenarios, the musical daydreaming headphones are our medium to attaining …

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