Aruna Rathod
Aruna Rathod is a freelance journalist and believes that one doesn’t need magic to disappear but just a destination.

Anand Mohan
Anand Mohan has about 10 years of experience in the automotive industry. He has travelled the world to drive fast cars, loves his adventures, and has a unique take on anything with wheels, travel and lifestyle.

Neil Shah
Neil is a Partner at Counterpoint Technology Market Research a fast-growing global independent analysis and consulting firm. He is frequently interviewed and well-quoted technology analyst in the media. He is an IEEE Certified Wireless Professional with Masters of Science in Telecommunications & Business from University of Maryland, College Park, USA with close to fifteen years of multi-functional experience in the technology industry. He is passionate about everything technology and business models surrounding it.

Lavina Kharkwal
Lavina Kharkwal is a freelance writer on wine, food and travel. Her passion for wine takes her to vineyards around the world and she shares her experiences on her blog ‘High on Wines’.

Andre Camara
Andre Camara is a Bangalore based Goan Architect, running his own design studio (Studio Camarada) with his wife.

Graduated from Manipal School of Architecture and Planning in 2012, André’s interests lie predominantly in sports, travel, exploring the outdoors, landscape, and of course the love for creating spaces and experiences in the world of Architecture and Design. Give André a motorcycle and a full tank of gas, and you will be sure to hear an array of stories that follow.

Somnath Chatterjee
Somnath loves cars, talking about them, writing about them and also uncovering the secrets and people behind what is arguably one of the most important inventions by man. He also has an obsession with fast cars and driving them the way they are meant to be driven.

Shibani Bawa
Is a freelance food and travel writer based in New Delhi. She has been writing for 15 years now for some of the best print magazines published in India, including Travel+Leisure India South Asia, BBC Good Food, BBC Good Homes, Cosmopolitan and India Today among others.

She enjoys writing on food and travel through which she shares her gastronomic journey, exploring varied restaurants and talking to creative chefs. Since food and travel are intrinsically connected, her articles include exploration of beautiful cities and some of the fine hotels that she stays at during personal and professional jaunts.